Friday, January 6, 2012

Three STEEN'S shipped out to So Cal to a brand new collector!

Friday, December 16, 2011

This STEEN collector got herself not one but TWO more paintings from me.

Planning on a New Year's Resolution to become healthier?

Original drawings on museum acid free stock.
8" x 10"
$100 each or 3 for $225.
To purchase:


To register:
Paintings are acrylic on masonite, shadow mounted
and require no frame. Sizes vary.
Drawings are graphite on acid free museum stock paper, unframed. Sizes vary.

All paintings and drawings include FREE SHIPPING

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Have you ever pondered if poor ol' Charlie Brown shook his magnetic pull to bad luck? Well, I did just that and here is my latest painting titled 'Chuck's Luck'. It's for the La Luz De Jesus gallery in Hollywood, CA

In it we see Snoopy has aged, he no longer has the use of his rear legs, Woodstock has passed on but his good friend Snoopy keeps a couple feathers with him at all times and Chuck well he's still down on his luck albeit a heavy smoker with Lucy inked into his arm.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please Smile up for auction

Hey Folks, wanted to share this wonderful event being held in the coming week in support of TORONTO PEOPLE LIVING WITH AIDS. Yours truly was asked if I might be able to help with the auction. So a STEEN original painting will be up at auction. 'Please Smile' measures 12" x 12". SO if you are able to spare the time for an incredible cause... come out tickets are only $25

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There it sits, staring back at me each time I enter my studio, longing to have me paint it, as I equally long to paint it. But I am chained by my nemesis and cannot. Today is day three or 72hrs & counting of dealing with a migraine, turn cluster headache, turn migraine, turn ice pik headache, turn numb-dull-throbbing headache, turn migraine.

I get these they rob me of my life which consists of painting, illustrating and dog training. I have two group shows coming up one in LA at La Luz & the other in Toronto at a new gallery in the east end in March & April and I just know I am going to need these past 72hrs and counting when the 11th hour presents itself on both of them.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Commissions

PROPS to POPS was a recent commission by a collector in Toronto, Ontario.

JENNY LOVES JACK was a recent commission by a collector in Calgary, Alberta.

DAD'S CARAVAN was a recent commission by a collector in Toronto, Ontario.


Well 2010 ended with 5 big events, there was me turning the big 40 on the 18th, our very first Christmas in the new house, our very first New Years in the new house and two great art shows in Toronto at The Resistor Gallery and The Narwhal Art Projects Gallery.

Krampus is actually a European tradition where Santa Claus rewards the good boys and girls and Krampus delivers a beat down on the bad kids. So when curator Steve Wilson asked me to be part I said yes instantly. Then with all acceptances into art shows I must then come up with a painting. So I began that process by thinking just how does Krampus begin such a lengthy list? I was raised with Santa and I know that he knows when you are naughty so I figure Krampus must know when you are naughty, no? Seems logical I thought so that was my stepping off point. I settled at one sketch that sees a child doing a bad act, burning ants with a magnifying glass.

As you can see below the sketch transferred well into paint and I was very thrilled with the final piece. I must confess to burning ants as a 6 year old with my friend Jeff Norden back in the 70's after watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver. Which had the Beav' once again witness to Larry Mundello and his antics. This time burning ants with his magnifying glass. It did it to see if it would infact work and yes boys and girls we had a bbq on the sidewalk that day.

Here are some shots from the opening, enjoy.

Ron Artest likes my art!

Hi, I was part of a killer show last month in Toronto. It was a show celebrating the career so far of Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest who is a larger than life personality. In his rookie season he took exception to a fan in Detroit and ran up into the seats and placed a beating on the guy; kinda like Mike Milbury of the Boston Bruins back in the late 70's. Well the legend was born then and as a result Artest received a year long suspension.

The show opened on the same night as I turned the big 40 and my lovely Miss Jane had made special plans for and so I didn't make the opening night festivities. Janie & I both drove into Toronto and caught the show a couple days afterwards. Where by the gallery informed me that Ron Artest did make a surprise appearance ( lakers were in town to play the raptors on the 19th ) and when he saw my piece he connected with it and that subversive humor that lives inside my art. My piece title "Devil Baller" was my way of capturing the on court persona of Artest and the Associations big man met my painting with a big smile when he came across it.

The sports channel The Score sent a reporter out to cover the opening & that is where this video comes from.

TBJ: Ron Artest crashes Ron Artest exhibit from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.