Monday, January 10, 2011


Well 2010 ended with 5 big events, there was me turning the big 40 on the 18th, our very first Christmas in the new house, our very first New Years in the new house and two great art shows in Toronto at The Resistor Gallery and The Narwhal Art Projects Gallery.

Krampus is actually a European tradition where Santa Claus rewards the good boys and girls and Krampus delivers a beat down on the bad kids. So when curator Steve Wilson asked me to be part I said yes instantly. Then with all acceptances into art shows I must then come up with a painting. So I began that process by thinking just how does Krampus begin such a lengthy list? I was raised with Santa and I know that he knows when you are naughty so I figure Krampus must know when you are naughty, no? Seems logical I thought so that was my stepping off point. I settled at one sketch that sees a child doing a bad act, burning ants with a magnifying glass.

As you can see below the sketch transferred well into paint and I was very thrilled with the final piece. I must confess to burning ants as a 6 year old with my friend Jeff Norden back in the 70's after watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver. Which had the Beav' once again witness to Larry Mundello and his antics. This time burning ants with his magnifying glass. It did it to see if it would infact work and yes boys and girls we had a bbq on the sidewalk that day.

Here are some shots from the opening, enjoy.

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Miss Jane said...

Great to see all that came out. The teacher in me must have liked the devilish little boy burning ants.