Saturday, November 17, 2007

12 Beds of Christmas Charity Auction

Hey All,

I am apart of a very special night put on solely by Paul and George from Timmie Doggie Outfitters called the "12 Beds of Christmas" a charity auction to benefit the Toronto Humane Society. For those of you out of Toronto you can get involved online to bid on any of the twelve beds My bed titled "Whee!!" which was featured on Cityline this week and in the next issue of Azure Magazine is shown in the below attachment is fully washable and made with dacron filling that is removable. Those of you that know me know just how much I love dog's and those that don't now do, so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be associated with the kind angels at 11 River Street.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Off goes my art

Well, here below is my newest painting for the lovely ladies of the Tart Gallery, I had loads of fun making it and hopefully someone in Vancouver has fun owning it. It measures 12" x 24" and is acrylic on mdf. If you would like to purchase it contact Nicole at the Tart Gallery through her email

My latest paintiing "Search for the Black Pearl" is being bubble wrapped to be FedEx'd to the Tart Gallery in Vancouver. The show LOWBROW ON THE HIGH SEAS,tis the 4th annual Pirate Arrrt Show and my second year being asked to be apart of it. Painting pirates is always a fun time if you ask me. The show itself carries over to the Jem Gallery at 225 E. Broadway and runs until October 2nd. Miss Jane thought snapping up pictures of me packing my lastest work would make for some insightful pix.

Séamus always eager to help his Dad-o pack up his paintings, or is that eat the box? Either way he is a clown.